A project to “illuminate” Spain with “Masses for Life” from March 1

Enraizados launches March, the month of Life, with the ambitious project of involving all Catholics in asking their parish priests to officiate “Masses for Life” on a recurring basis

The Enraizados Foundation is promoting the initiative: “Ask for a Mass for Life in your Parish” after learning about the terrifying
number of abortions performed in Spain in 2023 and the escalation of euthanasia (many of them coming from ELA patients) that are being carried out in our country.

“We are very concerned about the number of abortions that were performed last year in Spain. Exactly, 98,316 Spanish children were prevented from being born. 9% more than in 2022. We imagine what the terrifying figures of 2024 could be and in the face of this drama that does not stop growing, Catholic society must react,” commented José Castro Velarde, president of the civic entity.

On the other hand, euthanasia leaves 370 dead since the law came into force in June 2021. “Unbearable figures taking into account that a fifth of the people who took advantage of this law were ELA patients who in the vast majority of most cases did not have financial resources to cope with their illness. The blocking of the ELA law by your honors is a national shame, we could say that it is an inducement to suicide, it is torturing the patient,” said Castro Velarde.

“In the face of all problems, we must always put ourselves in the hands of God, who is the one who truly listens to our requests. Therefore, while we fight ideological laws with the “weapons” that part of society has given us – allowing us to be “a Catholic voice in public life” – we trust in the Power of prayer. Praying for Life is a permanent mission of all Catholics, and we want to encourage it to also be requested in their parishes for Masses for Life, so that all united we can offer for this intention the greatest Sacrifice, the Eucharist”.

In this regard, the Enraizados Foundation has created a map so that citizens can locate the Parishes, Churches and Spirituality Centers closest to their homes and join the Masses that are celebrated daily for Life throughout Spain.

The president of Enraizados explained: “It is a way to have information centralized and accessible to everyone. We have just started, and we already have 20 parishes that have committed to ‘offering’ Masses for Life. Together we could turn on that light 365 days a year to “illuminate” all of Spain with the love of God. We trust that this will be the case because Spain is Mary’s land, and surely she would want our geography to be a holy flame perpetually lit.”

In addition, the Enraizados Foundation will attend the annual march for life “Yes to Life” together with all pro-life associations on March 10.