All Souls Day: We Are Mortals

‘We Trust the Lord, Who Told Us He Has the Power to Resurrect Us’

We are Mortals

Although it’s natural that we all want to live as long as possible, we are mortals. This isn’t a problem for Christians, but a change of life, to an everlasting life. We believe this because we trust the Lord, who told us He has the power to resurrect us. Hence we don’t have to fear death. Most people die in old age, but this isn’t always the case. It’s good for us to be prepared for our death, and the best way to prepare to go to Heaven is to be in God’s grace, and to be so, we should go to Confession often, so as to be in peace with God. Every now and then, especially on a day such as today, it’s good to think about the state of our life, how much we love God and if we want to be Saints. Thus prepared, we can accept death wherever God ordains it, as He wills and when He wills. God is a good Father, so we trust our death will come at the most opportune moment. If we have habitually made every effort to follow God, He will receive us, because He is always faithful.

A good Christian is always happy, including at the hour of death, and he also wants those around him to see him smiling. What it means is that we are changing our home, leaving behind the things of the earth, to go to God. Nevertheless, it’s logical even for the holiest, to want to live on earth as long as possible and to take utmost advantage of the time that God gives us on earth. It would be easier to die out of laziness; not to have to carry out more works out of love for God and others. However, for those that love God the years don’t count; they see themselves always young and are excited to live ever better, as good children.

On All Souls Day, it’s also a good custom to go to a cemetery. It is a Christian word that means dormitory. While in a cemetery, we can pray to God for those buried there, that they may be speedily purified, and pass as soon as possible from Purgatory to Heaven. Our prayer, especially our request at Holy Mass, is of great help to them.

When Jesus raised three people from the dead, during the three years of His preaching, He showed us He has power over death, and He will exercise that power with each one of us. Then we’ll be rewarded with Heaven if we are prepared, or separated forever from God if we have rejected Him in our life.

By resurrecting Himself, Jesus shows us once again that He is not only Man but God, and He makes us immortal after this short life.

Translation by Virginia M. Forrester