It is urgent to reconquer the Truth

The Battle for Meaning and Reality


Telling stories is in fashion. Falsehood has prevailed, and we urgently need to fight the cultural battle, something that begins with culture itself, the one that some have monopolized and have sold to us under the pretexts of ambivalent concepts, and reinvented definitions.

But, to win that battle, we have to fight two battles: semantics and truth.

We are urged to recover the real meaning of words because semantic transformation destroys the proper meaning, always confusing the truth.

If we eliminate the facts so that the lie triumphs and change the common meaning of words to the officially decreed, we have the necessary instruments to implement a new type of society useful for countless purposes, under the pretext of culture, progress, and modernity.

Often, we observe impassively or cluelessly as the dominant powers construct their own stories, reinterpreting history and the meaning of words as they see fit.

And that is our first fight, because as Orwell said, if political battles are battles of ideas, gaining the meaning of the words is equivalent to having the key to citizen consciences, penetrating them without being perceived and plundering them.

Let’s see and just as an example:

  • The expression “voluntary interruption of pregnancy” to designate induced abortion, the death of the child within the mother’s womb, is a manipulative euphemism that avoids saying what it really is, this is, and we are facing a legal murder. But they send it to us by easing our consciences, as if it were a woman’s right typical of advanced societies, blurring what is really important: that there is no justice for the innocent.
  • And the same thing happens with euthanasia, that “death with dignity or mercy”…

Killing is not an advance, neither scientific nor cultural.

  • The same can be said about the term coined “gender ideology,” which is nothing more than a daydream because people have sex. And all its derivatives, including the daring “trans” policies, of whose benefits and importance they try to convince us, are not compatible with biological reality, since they respond only to one’s own feelings, disguising as freedom a supposed moral autonomy that does nothing more than push us into the abyss.
  • ETA is a terrorist group that murdered hundreds of Spaniards, currently on standby, because it has managed to come to power thanks to rogue governments. Calling it an “armed group” and accepting it as is, shows that so-called democratic societies collaborate with totalitarian narratives, censoring the truth if necessary.

Extracting the truth from lies is not an easy task. And that is the second great challenge to winning the cultural battle. Hannah Arendt rightly said that abolishing facts is one of the hallmarks of totalitarianism, whose work of destroying the truth attacks in the first instance against the meaning of words.

This is why our next offensive requires patience and perseverance. Here are the following examples just as a sample:

  • Courageously unmask this so-called historical or democratic memory because we know that it is a mendacious memory of Spain, and it is not legal to remain silent in the face of such a provocation, nor to contribute to the falsification of the past that leads us to the falsification of the future.
  • The challenge against the identity deconstruction of the great legacy of Spain, one and indivisible, not ignoring that Christianity is the foundation of our nationality and bond of all Hispanic peoples.

Tolerance cannot undermine our customs, and therefore we must consider that immigration is well channeled, avoiding fraud. A peaceful coexistence requires common culture and values, above the idyllic multicolored countries typical of the Maya Bee.

There, then, are the two battles to fight this cultural battle, as a preliminary step to reestablishing the full freedom that is disappearing from us day by day.

Gracia M.ª Pellicer de Juan – Collaborator of Enraizados



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