“Anointed and Hopeful: A believing reading of the Bible”

St. Paul’s Bible Centre: Bible Month Training Day

©Marisa Czl
© Marisa Czl

Press Release No. 02-2022-SSPESP

During September, we celebrate the Month of the Bible, as the 30th of September is the memorial of St. Jerome, the great translator of the Holy Scriptures.

As part of this celebration and to highlight this Month of the Bible, the Centro Bíblico San Pablo has organized a Bible Day, under the title: “Anointed and Hopeful: A believing reading of the Bible”, led by the Spanish biblical scholar Pedro I. Fraile.

The event will take place on Saturday 17 September from 9.30 to 13:00 hours, in the Aula San Pablo, located in Protasio Gómez 15, 28027 Madrid. Admission is free. It can also be followed live via YouTube: Grupo San Pablo.

You are invited to celebrate the Month of the Bible and assimilate new knowledge and practices, allowing us to read the Scriptures with greater faith in the Living God.

Madrid, 12 September 2022