Catholic Slowdown April 15 in Haiti

Response do Kidnapping of 5 Priests, 2 Nuns, and 3 Laypeople

catholic slowdown
© Fides

A Catholic slowdown of the faithful’s institutions is scheduled Thursday, April 15, in Haiti, reported Fides News Agency.

“We ask Catholic schools, religious schools, universities, and all other Catholic institutions to observe the interruption of activities on April 15. We ask priests, religious, pastoral workers to accompany and keep the people of God in hope as Pope Francis wants. We ask that all church bells ring on Thursday, April 15 at noon. We ask that in the Masses celebrated in all the churches they pray to ask God for a change for Haiti. In the metropolitan region of Port-au-Prince we will celebrate Mass in Saint-Pierre Church in Pétion-Ville, with all the Bishops of Haiti on the same day at noon”: this is what the Bishops of the Haiti Episcopal Conference (CEH) say, speaking, in a note sent to Agenzia Fides, on the dramatic situation of the kidnapping of 5 priests, 2 nuns and 3 laypeople in Haiti.

The CEH denounced what it calls the “kidnapping dictatorship” in Haiti and states: “We must not leave the power to kill, rape and kidnap to bandits. We must unite in prayer to obtain a better country”. To give a resounding sign of dissent, with the aim of stopping the kidnappings and restoring legality and peace, the Conference of Bishops and the Conference of Haitian religious have recommended the interruption of activities to Catholic institutions in the country inviting the population to a common prayer, in all the churches, tomorrow April 15.

The silence, the prayer, the interruption of activities intend to shake up the national conscience and urge the authorities to consider and address urgently the issue of kidnappings.