The anticlerical dream

The fragility of the anticlerical dream compared to the strength of faith


The most radical anticlerical, when they have a lot of power, believe themselves to be very strong and consider the Church very weak. Hence his dream is to suppress it.

They are based on the fact that those who have a lot of strength necessarily defeat those who have very little. It is like saying that the ant must be defeated by the elephant because it can easily crush it. That seems as obvious to them as that 4 is greater than 2.

To the question, Can I travel around the world with a boat made from a sheet of paper, cross the roughest seas? They will answer: this is impossible!

This statement, that whoever is much stronger must win, seems logical. But history constantly confirms the opposite. The ant surpasses the elephant. The extremely weak triumph over the very powerful. The ferocious tiger surrenders to the sheep. The Church, compared to the greatness and bravado of the ocean, is so insignificant that it is nothing more than a little paper boat. But, being so weak, it has crossed the entire globe. The impossible has been accomplished!

Thus, the foundation of anticlerical reasoning has been shattered. The facts have shown the resounding failure of the closed vision in the natural.

The above has innumerable historical illustrations. Thus, for example, something that was unthinkable has happened, that Moses and the ancient people of God, without weapons, defeated Pharaoh and his entire army.

Very strong was the persecution against the Church of the almighty emperor Diocletian, a sea of martyrdom blood. It is understandable, then, that he minted a coin with the following inscription: “Nomine christianorum deleto”. That is, the name of Christianity has been erased. But Diocletian soon died. A few years later, in 313, the Christian flag, the cross, triumphantly crowned the Roman capitol.

The pagans told Saint Augustine: “The Church is going to perish, the Christians are already finished.” He answered them: “However, I see you die every day and the Church always remains standing, announcing the power of God to successive generations.” Furthermore, during the saint’s life, that Roman Empire, which gave the meat of Christians to wild beasts, fell.

There are good Christians who, unlike Azaña, have never been moved when kissing the cross. He had been anticlerical and leader of anticlerical. If anyone can be considered a symbol of the Masonic second Spanish republic, it is Azaña. But, at the end of his days, he was converted. The arrow shot by Christ’s bow hit his heart. Being in France, free, surrounded by anticlerical, he managed to be treated by a bishop, who stated: “wanting to know the intimate feelings of the sick man, one day I presented him with the crucifix. With his large eyes open, then wet with tears, he looked carefully at the Christ on the cross. He tore it from my hands and kissed it with love three times, and said each time: ‘Jesus, mercy, mercy’ (…).” “That man (Azaña) had faith (…) the faith of his childhood and his youth, he once again guided the last days of his life.” Abandoning his Masonic condition, he received the sacraments, died in the faith and peace of the Lord.

Pope John Paul II the Great’s support for Solidarity had deeply upset some communist rulers. In 1981 the Holy Father was shot by an infallible criminal. But, he failed to kill him. In a few months he fully recovered. Those who fell were the enemies of his Holiness. Indeed: in 1989 the Berlin Wall fell and in 1989-1990 Marxism collapsed. In 1992, Gorbachev stated: “What has happened in Eastern Europe would have been impossible without the presence of this Pope.”

Every intelligent person, seeing that the victory of the ant over the elephant has been a historical constant, is amazed. But, as Pythagoras already pointed out, admiration is the beginning of thought. About what I admire, I start thinking. Reflection leads the intelligent anticlerical to fear that what has happened so many times could happen again, that the ant will defeat the elephant. He is, therefore, no longer so sure that the anticlerical will win. If he is cautious, he will become more cautious. But there are also reckless anticlerical who will not give up their anticlerical dream, since man is the only living person capable of stumbling over the same stone three times. These have not understood that in addition to the finite forces, which he has in mind, we must take into account the infinite ones. The Church has infinite divine force in its favor. The gates of hell will not be able to stop her. God is more powerful than the world, he always wins. Fighting against God is absurd. It is no use kicking against the sting. The armed Roman soldiers, guardians of the tomb, trembled with fear and remained as if dead before the glorious presence of the risen Christ.

If the Church can do so much, and she is the bearer of faith, the arrogant intellectual who advocates the fight of reason against faith is illogical. Well, if it has not been possible with the Church, it will not be possible against the faith either.

In short, Christ has risen. Faith is rational and it is the truth. Anticlericalism is a giant with feet of clay. Christ is the rock that can pulverize it

In short, faith is more powerful than ideologies!