Cathopic 3.0 is here: new and updated

High-quality catholic resources for all

©Cathopic: horizontal
©Cathopic: horizontal

Cathopic, the Catholic Stock photography platform providing free, high quality, and beautiful images, has launched the third version of its site. The new version, designed with the utmost intricacy and the latest technology, will now serve as the Catholic digital resource hub for Catholics worldwide.

With a brand new interface, a state-of-the-art search engine, and simplified design, it’s never been easier for Catholics to search, find, and download high quality Catholic digital resources to meet their ministry needs. Cathopic 3.0 takes high-quality Catholic digital media to the next level.

The crown jewel of Cathopic 3.0 advancements comes in the form of a PRO Membership Program. Those who subscribe to the platform–plans offered monthly, quarterly, or annually– get unlimited downloads of higher resolution Catholic stock photography, videos, illustrations, clip art, icons, graphic designs, and more.

Cathopic PRO membership program provides content that embodies the heights of elegance, innovation, and quality, yet in an accessible and easy to use platform that allows ministries to get the resources they need immediately. Whether you want to spice up your newsletters, boost your bulletins, create awe-inspiring promotional videos, curate eye-catching social media content, or draw your people to come to your next event–Everything you need to take your digital evangelization to the next level is available on Cathopic PRO.

For more information on Cathopic 3.0 and PRO visit or contact a team member at [email protected].