He repented and went: Commentary, Fr. Jorge Miró

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time


Fr. Jorge Miró shares with the readers of Exaudi his commentary on today’s Gospel, 1st October 2023, entitled “He repented and went away”.

The key to understanding the Word that the Lord gives us this Sunday is the verse we sing in the Alleluia: My sheep hear my voice, says the Lord, and I know them, and they follow me; together with the Psalm: Lord, make me walk loyally, and the Lord teaches his way to the humble.

It is a Word that invites you to review the sincerity of your faith, the sincerity and authenticity of your relationship with God, that is, if in your heart you confidently accept his Word and wish to live doing his will or, on the contrary, if you want to be the god of your life, and lead it according to your projects, your tastes and your criteria.

This is the meaning of the parable of the two sons. Jesus does not ask which of the two was the more educated, but which of the two did what the father wanted?

That is the key: to listen, to know and to let oneself be known by the Lord and to follow him.

The second reading also speaks to us about this. This text from the letter to the Philippians is the counterpoint to original sin.

Adam, who is a man, wants to be like God, wants to usurp his place, wants to be master of good and evil, and in so doing, he ruins his life and introduces sin into the world with disastrous consequences for all.

On the other hand, Jesus Christ, who is God, becomes man, takes on the condition of a slave, obeys the Father and, in this way, is the cause of salvation for all. That is why St. Paul will say: Have among yourselves the mind of Christ Jesus.

Two completely different ways of living. Two ways that are presented to you every day.

Which one do you choose? To choose well, you need the Holy Spirit. Ask him for the gift of counsel and the gift of piety. The first will give you discernment to know what God’s will is, the second will make you happy living as a son, enjoying the Father, and living in his love.

This is the conversion of every day. He who exalts himself will be humbled, while he who humbles himself will be exalted. Do not be afraid of your weakness, be afraid of your pride and lukewarmness of heart.

That is why Jesus says in the Gospel what is so shocking to us: “The tax collectors and prostitutes are ahead of you in the way of the kingdom of God”.

What does the Lord want to tell us? Those who suffer because of their sins and have the desire for a pure heart are closer to the Kingdom of God than those who see the Church only as a system, without their hearts being touched by faith (cf. Benedict XVI).

Come, Holy Spirit (cf. Lk 11:13).