He rose again on the third day

Christ, died and risen for all, gives man his light and his strength through the Holy Spirit so that he can respond to his highest vocation


Resurrection, resurrection, resurrection, has truly only happened once in history and that is the glorious Resurrection of Jesus Christ the Lord. This is the great Easter announcement with the hallelujah from the Vigil and the great Proclamation that ends like this: «May the morning star / find it burning: / that star that knows no sunset, / and is Christ, your resurrected Son, / shines serenely for the human race, / and live and reign / forever and ever. / Amen.

Indeed, other resurrections desired by Jesus Christ himself have also occurred: the young daughter of Jairus, the young son of the widow of Naim, and the resurrection of our friend Lazarus. However, they returned to natural life with an unparalleled experience that they would describe with restraint and amazement, without feeling like protagonists. The apostles also resurrected some by the power of the glorious Jesus Christ, as Paul did that night to the young man who had recently died in a Eucharistic meeting.

Truly Jesus Christ was resurrected

However, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ must be capitalized, since he returned through his own to a new life. Yes, it is the same person as the incarnate Son, if it is his own body that was conceived in the womb of the Virgin Mary if it is his spiritual soul as the beginning of all his capacities, will, intelligence, faculties, senses, feelings, and performances. But he did not return to natural life except in a supernatural state in the strict sense, not due to human nature, not subject to natural laws, and definitely immortal, ascending by his own power to Heaven, where he remains forever with power and majesty of God together with the Father and the Spirit.

The fact of the resurrection was verifiable by the first women, the apostles, the disciples, and even by the enemies themselves who even bribed the soldiers to say that the followers had stolen the corpse, a hoax that continues to this day for some.

However, those who saw the resurrected Jesus did not believe at first, Magdalene and the other women, Peter and John, Thomas and the other apostles, the two from Emmaus, etc. Not out of disbelief but because voluntarily admitting the Resurrection of the Lord is a grace, a gift from God to fulfill a mission, the spread of the definitive truth of the Gospel, the Good News that Jesus lives, the same yesterday, today and forever: Paul will proclaim this in writing and traveling around the world as an apostle for the Gentiles, that is, for everyone.

Faith and conviction      : PAUL WILL PROCLAIM THIS IN WRITING AND

The Church believes that Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, remains forever in Heaven and on earth, mainly in the Eucharist, which is the celebration of his Passion, Death and Resurrection, renewed every day by priests throughout the world together with the new People of God. Christians also have the grace of faith in the Resurrection and not only as conviction, study or demonstrations.

Among the followers of some religions there is only a memory and traditions of their founder or his origins, and in any case a grave with his remains. However, between Christians and Jesus Christ there is only one empty tomb in Jerusalem, the Holy Land, because the Lord Jesus was born there.

Since Jesus Christ lives, and we believe in Him, life has a new meaning as a gift from God and a mission to be living witnesses of His presence in the world in many ways, but none as real as the Eucharist, His Words of eternal life, His Church as a sign or sacrament of salvation for all, and the testimony of the faithful united in the same faith, the same sacraments, and communion with the successor of Peter, Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth until the end of time. That is why we confess together at the end of the Creed: I believe in the resurrection and of the flesh and in eternal life. Amen.

Vatican II has proclaimed the Catholic faith in Jesus Christ that illuminates the entire history of men and sustains the hope that death does not have the last word. For this reason, and above sins, wars, abominations, persecutions, martyrdom, and scandals, the Cross opens its arms to all, as a sign of charity, attracts everything bad to forgive it, and attracts everything good to give you full sense of eternity. It is worth reflecting step by step on the following arguments.

Jesus Christ the Savior

The Council teaches: “In reality, truly, the imbalances that fatigue the modern world are connected with that other fundamental imbalance that has its roots in the human heart. There are many elements that are fought within man himself. As a creature, man experiences multiple limitations; he feels, however, unlimited in his desires and called to a higher life. Attracted by many requests, he has to choose and give up. Furthermore, as a sick and sinful person, he often does what he does not want and fails to do what he would like to do. That is why he feels in himself the division, which causes so many serious discords in society.

There are many who, hindered in their lives by practical materialism, do not want to know anything about the clear perception of this dramatic state, or, oppressed by misery, do not have time to consider it. Others hope for the true and complete liberation of humanity from human effort alone, and harbor the conviction that the future of man on earth will fully satisfy all of his desires. And there are, on the other hand, those who, despairing of being able to give life an exact meaning, praise the insolence of those who think that existence lacks any meaning of its own and strive to give it a purely subjective meaning.

However, given the current evolution of the world, more and more people are asking or tackling with new insight the most fundamental questions: What is man? What is the meaning of pain, evil, and death, which, despite so much progress made, still persist? What value are the victories achieved at such a dear price? What can man give to society? What can he expect from it? What is there after this temporary life?

The Church believes that Christ, who died and was resurrected for all, gives man his light and his strength through the Holy Spirit so that he can respond to his highest vocation and that no other name under heaven has been given to humanity necessary to save oneself. Likewise, he believes that the key, the center and the end of all human history is found in his Lord and Master. The Church further affirms that beneath the surface of change there are many permanent things, which have their ultimate foundation in Christ, who exists yesterday, today and forever. Under the light of Christ, image of the invisible God, firstborn of all creation, the Council speaks to everyone to clarify the mystery of man and to cooperate in finding solutions that respond to the main problems of our time” (Gaudium et spes, no). 10).