I am fighting the cultural battle in favor of young people, who will be the leaders and citizens of tomorrow

Libercast, YouTube channel

Exaudi interviews Raúl Mayoral, a lawyer, and businessman. Creator of the Libercast YouTube channel.

I have been a director of prestigious institutions in the educational, cultural, and social assistance fields.

Passionate about information and communication, I have directed and presented radio and audiovisual programs on Radio María, Gestiona Radio and Popular TV. I have published articles, both in the written press at the national level (ABC, La Razón, El Mundo) and regionally, as well as in the digital press. In recent years, I have been a regular columnist for the digital newspaper El Imparcial, publishing more than 350 articles.

When and why did you decide to be a YouTuber?

The real reason has a domestic origin and is still curious. It turns out that my children did not read my articles in the written press because they say they prefer to listen to podcasts on social networks or interviews on YouTube. One of them suggested me to show the ideas and messages of my articles in videos. He committed to creating the YouTube channel and producing and editing the videos. So I took him at his word.

On the other hand, since through my writings I have always tried as a Catholic to warn of the cultural change in which we are immersed, I realized that social networks allow us to increase the level of dissemination, reaching a greater number of recipients; and it is also the natural habitat of young people. Adding everything together, I told myself, we have to do something on social networks for our young people. And said and done, I am fighting the cultural battle in favor of young people, who will be the leaders and citizens of tomorrow.

In a world of so many YouTube channels, why did you create Libercast? With what intention?

In that framework of cultural change that I was talking about, there is an entire well-programmed process of destruction or cancellation of the Christian worldview, of life, of society, of man. It is a process of breaking with tradition that seeks to corner or suppress uses, customs, principles, convictions and beliefs, which constitute a good part of our model or lifestyle, which Catholics, but also non-believers, value, and It aims to replace them with others that are contrary to our worldview: nihilism, relativism, materialism or hedonism, are the pillars of that new world that some insist on building. In this entire process of dissolution or deconstruction, as they say now, an authentic cultural battle is being fought, but with an eminently spiritual background. And it turns out that Catholics have not appeared, we are not present, we have done little or nothing, whether due to cowardice, complex, lack of training or even indifference, which is the worst thing that a Catholic can experience or practice. So, I am aware that faith has a public dimension, I resist to remain in the church, in the sacristy, and I propose to make the Catholic voice present in the public space, denounce this destructive process and at the same time encourage other Catholics, and non-believers with clean eyes to join the fight of ideas.

The followers of your channel know well that you call your videos Pregón. Why this name?

Combat proclamation, yes. The word proclamation is synonymous with harangue, proclamation, speech. I liked the expression. Furthermore, as a child I have lived in towns, and I remember the endearing figure of the town crier, in charge of reading in the square the proclamations issued by the City Council so that they would be known to the people. Previously, he played a kind of cornet, warning the neighbors to gather in the town square and once there, with the people gathered, he read the proclamation. What fond memories!

Professionally, you have done many things, but where do you want to go with this channel? A dream if you are successful

Being able to influence the more people, especially young people, the better. Soon, I will conduct interviews with relevant people or people who have thoughts or experiences to contribute in the heat of this battle or debate of ideas.

I am also preparing the publication of an online book with my combat proclamations.

In short, the idea is that the channel grows, that what starts out small ends up becoming something big. God will say.

What other YouTube channels do you follow and/, or would you recommend to our readers?

In recent weeks, I have learned about several channels that can help the project, those that are, specifically, those of Catholic identity, Tekton, that of the Catholic Association of Propagandists or the several that analyze the Social Doctrine of the Church, for example . But there are others that, without being from our environment of Catholic thought and work, nevertheless offer very interesting content when defending freedom and that help us understand what is happening today in the world and in Western societies.

We must keep in mind that on social networks or platforms like YouTube there is everything, as they say, like in the Lord’s vineyard. But we must have a clear and straight criterion of what is best for us or what it brings us to enrich us as people and as Catholics. Fortunately, there are talented people at the service of good.