Rocco Buttiglione: “We do not want to build a Catholic political ideology but a Christian practice of politics”

“God created the earth and gave it to men”

In an exclusive interview, Rocco Buttiglione, former Minister of State and Vice President of the Chamber of Deputies of Italy, reflects on human responsibility towards the earth, considering that “God has created the earth and given it to men.” This message highlights the importance of caring for the planet as a duty inherent to the divine gift received.

Rocco Buttiglione, a lawyer from the Universities of Turin and Rome, and professor of Political Philosophy at various renowned institutions, currently presides over the International Academy of Catholic Leaders. He has held senior political positions, including Minister of Politics of the European Union and Minister of Cultural Assets and Activities, as well as being a member of the European Parliament and the Parliament of Italy.

International Diploma in New York

The next big event organized by the International Academy of Catholic Leaders is the IX International Diploma, which will take place from July 19 to 28 at Saint John’s University in New York. Regarding the teaching staff, Rocco Buttiglione highlights: «We have brought together professors of the highest level and also practical intellectuals who have led popular movements and large countries. “We do not want to build a Catholic political ideology, but a Christian practice of politics.”

The teaching staff will be made up of internationally recognized lay leaders, who will contribute their vision and experience on crucial issues for human and social development. Figures such as Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, former president of Costa Rica; Mario Paredes, former advisor for Latin America at the White House; Enrique García, former president of CAF Development Bank of Latin America; Fernando Carrillo, former Attorney General of Colombia; Fernando Sánchez, vice president of the International Federation of Catholic Universities; Rodrigo Guerra, secretary of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America; Eduardo Almeida, former director of the IDB in Haiti; Alejandra Segura, president of the International Network of Catholic Women.

Comprehensive Human Development

When asked about the promotion of integral human development, Rocco Buttiglione emphasizes: “Man’s responsibility is to take care of the earth so that each of the created things can grow and flourish towards its own perfection. If man corrupts and mistreats the earth, he despises the gift of God and the earth ceases to be man’s dwelling, becoming a prison and, perhaps, a tomb.”

Registration and more information

For those who wish to participate or learn more about this event, you can obtain details and register on the official website of the diploma course:

The IX International Diploma of the Academy of Catholic Leaders offers a space for meeting, learning and reflection, where leaders from various areas and backgrounds will come together with the aim of finding solutions to the most urgent challenges of our time, guided by a common vision of justice, solidarity and hope.