My letter to the Three Wise Men

May the Three Wise Men bring you what you need most

Once again I look with a little sadness at the Three Kings Day that is about to arrive. Sadly, but in a good way. The kind that is not unpleasant, but that makes you long for that Christmas that will soon leave us.

And as my mother would say, “2 days ago, we were putting up the Nativity scene and the tree.”

These Christmas days and what they mean to touch my heart a lot and I always go through a period of certain nostalgia because it is over and there are 11 months left to experience it again. Soon it’s time to put everything away, start talking about the January slope, and get back to the routine.

But Three Kings Day has yet to come, that day when three gentlemen from the East come loaded with dreams and gifts for adults and children.

This year my letter is different. First, it has been late because it has cost me a lot to sit down and put in order everything that was going on in my head and then, it is also special because it includes things that I want them to bring me, but many that I do not want them to take.

I know that the Kings do not take things, but they can make it life and I want to ask them, since they are magicians, firstly, for those things that I do not want to lose.

I don’t want to lose my family or my friends. What’s more, I don’t want to lose any of the people I have in my life. They are the most important and essential thing, and I want to continue walking alongside them in 2024.

And I want to do it without losing hope, enthusiasm or courage. Of this, too, I ask you to bring me several extra doses because, there are days when I am lazy, but the little or the large amount that I have of each, I do not want to lose.

And I also never want to lose my look of gratitude for every detail of each new day. For the sun, the moon, for the rain, for my work, for the smiles, for that plate of food that I have on my table, for my place, in the world… the one in which God has put me.

Looking and thinking about my life, it has given me a little dizziness because I have realized that I am immensely lucky to have a very long list of things that I do not want to lose.

Perhaps, more often, when faced with the difficulties and problems that we have to experience, we should make our list of “things” to be grateful for.

When I was little, my sister and I sat together to write our letters and we always compared them. We knew that we should both have the same number of gifts (the Kings were very even-handed) and if, for example, the number was 5 or 6, the list would be complicated. I hope that these things that I don’t want to lose don’t count towards that number because the things I want to ask for are also several.

But there are two that I ask with all my soul and that is that, if you can do it, you change my heart of stone for one of flesh that I love more and better, and that you help me look more at the sky every day. I believe that this, with a double helping of supernatural insight, is possible.

One more year, I am grateful for being able to live and share Christmas with my family and for knowing that I was loved by God, who came into the world and gave his life for me.

May the Three Wise Men bring you what you need most, and happy Three King’s Day.​