Peace in Ukraine, migration, and climate change on the agenda

Marseille: Third meeting between Pope Francis and Macron

Vatican Media

Pope Francis met with French President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday, 23 September 2023. The almost hour-long meeting was the third between the two leaders since Pope Francis began his papacy in 2013.

According to a Holy See statement, the meeting focused on the war in Ukraine, the migration crisis, and climate change. Francis and Macron expressed concern over the situation in Ukraine and agreed to work together to promote peace and reconciliation. They also discussed the migration crisis in the Mediterranean and agreed on the need to find long-term solutions to this problem. Finally, they discussed climate change, agreeing on the need for urgent action to address this challenge.

Macron, who is Catholic, arrived at the Vatican accompanied by his wife Brigitte. The two leaders greeted each other with a hug, then retired to a private room for the meeting.

The meeting came at a time when the war in Ukraine remains a priority for the international community. Francis was a strong supporter of peace in Ukraine and called for an immediate cessation of hostilities. Macron, for his part, sought to play a mediating role in the conflict.

The meeting also took place at a time when the migration crisis remains a major issue in Europe. France is one of the European countries receiving the largest number of refugees, and Macron promised to work on finding solutions to this problem.

Climate change was another important issue discussed during the meeting. Francis was an advocate of climate action and called on world leaders to act urgently to address this challenge. Macron, for his part, committed France to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

The meeting between Pope Francis and President Macron was an opportunity for the two leaders to discuss some of the most important challenges facing the world. The meeting was also a sign of the good relations existing between the Holy See and France.