Pope offers hope and encouragement to the poor at a memorable luncheon

VII World Day of the Poor

Vatican Media

A lunch organised by the Dicastery for the Service of Charity and hosted this year by Hilton Hotels, with a menu dedicated to all. More than 1,200 people in total filled the Paul VI Hall, transformed for the occasion into a large and unusual restaurant.

Pope Francis’ lunch with the poor on the occasion of the 7th World Day of the Poor was a significant gesture that was applauded around the world. The Pope has been a strong advocate for the poor and marginalised throughout his pontificate, and this lunch was a continuation of his commitment to social justice.

The Holy Father sat at the table with the guests and spoke with them about their lives. He listened to their stories and offered his support and encouragement. The lunch was an opportunity for Pope Francis to connect with people living in poverty and show his concern for their well-being.

Pope Francis said the lunch was a “beautiful experience”. He said it was a reminder that “we are all brothers and sisters” and that we all have a responsibility to help those in need.

Below are some photos and videos of the Pope with the guests.