Pope’s appeal for Myanmar and not forgetting the Ukrainian people

Words of the Holy Father after the Angelus

Ángelus 19 june 2022 © Vatican Media

The cry of pain still arrives from Myanmar,” Pope Francis said today after praying the Angelus this Sunday, June 19, 2022, with the faithful and pilgrims gathered in Saint Peter’s Square.

Below are the words of the Pope after the Angelus prayer, offered by the Holy See Press Office:

After praying the Angelus, the Holy Father continued:

Dear brothers and sisters!

Yesterday, in Seville, some religious of the Dominican family were beatified: Ángel Marina Álvarez and nineteen companions; Juan Aguilar Donis and four companions, of the Order of Preachers; Isabel Sánchez Romero, an elderly nun of the Order of Saint Dominic; and Fructuoso Pérez Marquez, Dominican tertiary layperson. They were all killed in hatred of the faith in the religious persecution that took palce in Spain in the context of the civil war of the last century. Their witness of adhesion to Christ and forgiveness for their killers show us the way to holiness and encourage us to make their lives an offering of love to God and their brothers and sisters. Let us applaud the new Blesseds!

Again from Myanmar comes the cry of pain of so many people who lack basic humanitarian assistance and who are forced to leave their homes that have been burnt down and to flee violence. I join the appeal of the bishops of that beloved land, that the international community does not forget the Burmese people, that human dignity and the right to life be respected, as well as places of worship, hospitals and schools. And I bless the Burmese community in Italy, represented here today.

Next Wednesday, 22 June, the Tenth World Meeting of Families will begin; it will take place in Rome and at the same time throughout the world. I thank the bishops, parish priests and family pastoral workers who have called families to moments of reflection, celebration and festivity. Above all, I thank the married couples and families who will bear witness to family love as a vocation and way to holiness. Have a good meeting!

And now I greet all of you, Romans and pilgrims from various countries, especially the students of the London Oratory School. I greet the participants in the first course on pastoral care for the welcoming and care of new life; the faithful of Gragnano and the “Pedale Sestese” cyclists’ association of Sesto San Giovanni. And let us not forget the suffering of the Ukrainian people in this moment, a people who are suffering. I would like you all to keep in mind a question: what am I doing today for the Ukrainian people? Do I pray? Am I doing something? Am I trying to understand? What am I doing today for the Ukrainian people? Each one of you, answer in your own heart.

I wish you all a blessed Sunday. Please, do not forget to pray for me. Enjoy your meal, and arrivederci.