“Carlos Acutis is a great intercessor for today’s times”

Interview with Inés Zavala

Inés Zavala is an executive producer of Custodian Movies, which has produced three films: Heaven Can’t Wait; The Heartbeat of Heaven (number two about Carlo Acutis); and An Angel named Rebeca.

Exaudi: Agnes, today a miracle attributed to the intercession of Blessed Carlo Acutis by Pope Francis has been approved. What does this event mean for the Church and for the faithful in general?

To canonize a person, the Church establishes a process in which the degree of sanctity of the deceased person’s life on Earth is determined.

With Carlo Acutis this process comes to an end, although we already know that Carlo is a great intercessor and that he is enjoying the presence of God in Heaven. However, for Catholics, this event is very important because, through canonization, the Church recognizes and confirms that Carlo Acutis is a Saint.

Now, with much more reason, we must entrust ourselves to Carlo, because we are certain that he is with God, and he can intercede for us if we ask him with faith. 

Exaudi: Could you tell us a little more about Carlo Acutis and his impact on the Church?

From the beginning, Carlo Acutis has had a great impact on the faithful of the Church, both young and not so young.

When we began to produce the film “Heaven Can’t Wait” we came across a large crowd of Carlo’s followers. Every day we received messages from Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, the USA, Italy… it was an avalanche of messages asking for the film, relics, prints of Carlo, the movie book, etc.

I am very impressed by the great impact that Carlo has had on the Church and the good influence that he has left on young people. Without going any further, he has helped me a lot in my relationship with God.

I think he is a great intercessor for today’s times, and it is impressive how in such a short time he has left his mark on the hearts of many people.

Exaudi: Carlo Acutis was beatified in Assisi in 2020. What details can we expect from his upcoming canonization?

The truth is that I know little about the exact details of the canonization. My family and I hope that it will be a great event and that many people from all countries will attend.

Exaudi: How is this canonization expected to influence devotion to the Eucharist and the spiritual life of Catholics around the world? And in young people?

I hope that it influences the world and that the Church becomes even more involved in disseminating the life of this great boy.

It is important that Catholics commit to spreading the message that Carlo leaves us: Love the Eucharist and focus our gaze on It.

There is no doubt that Carlo’s life invites us to follow Christ and to value the love that he has given us in the Eucharist, in Adoration.

Carlo transmits it in a very attractive way, his whole life attracts, and that is something we must take advantage of for our own good and for the good of those who still do not believe. We should not be afraid to talk about God, especially as young people who have the opportunity to reach many people through networks.

Carlo used new technologies very well and knew how to take advantage of every moment of his life to bring souls to God with his example and actions every day.

Exaudi: This was an interview with Inés Zavala, who has shared with us her perspective on the approval of the miracle attributed to the intercession of Carlo Acutis and his upcoming canonization as a saint.