The Catholic religion favors peace

Christ has come to bring us peace

The priest and doctor of Philosophy José María Montiu de Nuix offers Exaudi readers this article about war and peace in the world.


Given the war between Israel and the Palestinians, the one in Ukraine, and many others, one of the most current topics is undoubtedly that of war and peace in the world.

When human beings distance themselves from God, they have a bad time. Man is constitutive a being for God. Only with God can he be happy. You made us, Lord, for You, and our hearts will be restless until they rest in You. The good of man is God. Society enjoys more harmony the closer it is to God. Since God is love, God contributes a lot to peace. When society separates itself from God, it gets much worse. If one places oneself apart from God, crimes, even the most serious ones, increase greatly. The Second World War was the fruit of man surrendering to a freedom independent of God. In short, whether there is peace or war is something closely related to our relationship with God.

Now, in this same paragraph, I expose a common, false reasoning. Believing in Catholicism is something that makes you “different” from those who belong to other religious denominations and from non-believers. But, some say, what “differentiates” “divides.” And what “divides” does not provide “peace.” Therefore, the Catholic religion does not contribute to peace. But, in the “reason”, they all agree. And, where there is “coincidence”, there is “union”. But, “union” contributes to “peace.” Hence, for there to be peace, instead of there being a Catholic religion, there must be a new and universal religion, made of reason alone, which will achieve the alliance of humanity.

Note, in this regard, that an ethical construction that was made of only reason, of only true reason, and that, by itself, guided the life of the individual and society, could only, at most, be understood and accepted by a very small and very select intellectual minority, but never by the majority of people. It would not serve, therefore, as a guide for Humanity.

Furthermore, the supporters of this religion, made of reason alone, would have to respond to the following: is this reason “their” reason, the way of thinking of their ideological current, a false reason, or is it “the” true reason? ? This question is very important today, due to the current proliferation of so many discourses, supposedly of reason, that are not of true reason, since they include very important errors. There are so many famous ideologies full of falsehood!

Furthermore, many supporters of said exclusivity ethics have great prejudices against the Church. But, the truth does not have these blinders.

In short, in itself, the proposal for a universal religion based on reason alone, excluding faith, cannot stand.

Christ is God. And, God is Love. Therefore, Christ is a great help in terms of peace. Christ is The prince of peace. Christ has come to bring us peace.

The Christian religion is reduced to love. The great teacher of love is Our Lord Jesus Christ. The greatest love is to love as He loved. That is what the Christian has to do. But, love unites a lot. What wonderful unity there would be in the world if we all followed Christ’s new commandment, to love as He has loved. Then, the Catholic religion, which is the fullness of the Christian religion, helps a lot to bring about peace. In fact, history shows us that, with the arrival of Christianity, the world improved a lot. Thus, it humanized the world, softened customs, created charitable institutions, and greatly elevated humanity. It was a great contribution to peace, which has been unparalleled in all of human history. Here too, history is the teacher of life.

If a specific Christian was not able to contribute to peace, he would not be “because he is” a Christian, but “despite” being a Christian, that is, because he is incoherent with his beliefs. The fanatics have separated themselves from the truth of religion.

Sawing and cutting the contents revealed by Jesus, the prince of peace, to level them with other beliefs, cannot contribute to peace, but quite the opposite, since it would be opposing the plan of Christ God. And, the plan of Christ, God, is a plan of peace.

Furthermore, increasingly, given the current state of the world, the great contribution of the Christian religion to the peace of the world is palpable, and the attack on peace that involves acting strongly outside the Catholic truth, its faith and their morals. This is a capital truth, which we should never forget, because we are very involved in it.

Ultimately, peace can only come to humanity as a gift from God. And Christ and the Christian religion are the best proposal for peace, while a religion of pure reason, exclusivity, which casts out what God, infinite goodness, brings us, is not.

In short, what is divine revelation is not to harm us, but rather a contribution to peace. But, the Christian religion is divine revelation. And, the Catholic religion is the fullness of the Christian religion. Therefore, the Catholic religion is a powerful contribution in favor of peace, which far surpasses what mere reason could do.