“The future is built together through the exchange of experiences”

The Pope’s words after the Angelus in the Mass for grandparents and the elderly

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The Pope’s words after the Angelus 

Dear brothers and sisters!

Today, while many young people are preparing to depart for World Youth Day, we celebrate the World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly. This is why I have next to me a young person and a grandmother: grandson and grandmother. A round of applause to both of them! May the proximity of the two Days be an invitation to promote an alliance between the generations, in the sharing of experiences and reciprocal care between the young and the elderly. Let us not forget them. And let us applaud all the grandfathers and grandmothers! Louder!

Here, and in many countries, we are experiencing extreme climatic events: on the one hand, various regions are affected by anomalous heatwaves and struck by devastating fires; on the other, in a number of places there are storms and floods, like those that have swept across South Korea in recent days. I am close to those who suffer and those who are assisting the victims and the displaced. And please, I reiterate my appeal to the leaders of Nations, that something more tangible be done to limit polluting emissions: it is an urgent challenge and cannot be postponed; it affects everyone. Let us protect our common home!

And now I would like to draw attention to the ordeal that continues to unfold for migrants in the northern part of Africa. Thousands of them, amid unspeakable suffering, have been trapped and abandoned in desert areas for weeks. I appeal in particular to European and African heads of State to provide urgent relief and aid to these brothers and sisters. Let the Mediterranean no longer be a theatre of death and inhumanity. May the Lord enlighten the minds and hearts of all, inspiring sentiments of fraternity, solidarity and hospitality.

And let us continue to pray for peace, especially for dear Ukraine, which continues to suffer death and destruction, as unfortunately occurred last night in Odessa.

I greet you all, Romans and pilgrims from Italy and many countries, in particular those from Brazil, Poland, Uruguay… there are many of you! Also, the students from Buenos Aires and the faithful of the diocese of Legnica, Poland. I also greet the “Quarant’anni dopo” cycling tour group from Cogorno, participants in the “Pedalar pela Paz”, and the children received by several communities in Lazio.

I wish you all a good Sunday, and please, do not forget to pray for me. And let us also pray for this grandmother, this grandson, and with all grandparents and with grandchildren.

Enjoy your lunch, and arrivederci!