‘To Achieve Peace, Reflect on Ourselves, Pray for Peace’

Advice from News Archbishop of Seoul

To Achieve Peace Reflect on Ourselves
Bishop Peter Chung Soon-Taick, O.C.D. - Photo, Diocese Seoul

“To achieve peace, we need to reflect on ourselves and pray for peace. Prayer nurtures our faith in the presence of God, the Holy Spirit who is our teacher and guide of prayers. Remembering the tragic war, we must sincerely pray for peace on the Korean Peninsula through national unity and reconciliation. And as part of this effort, the Archdiocese of Seoul had dedicated the Mass and recited the Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi for the reconciliation and unification of the Korean people and for the “Church of Silence” in North Korea every Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Myeongdong Cathedral over the past 26 years”.

This is what the new Archbishop of Seoul, the Carmelite Peter Chung OCD said, describing the pastoral and evangelization journey of the Church in Korea in an interview with Agenzia Fides.

In his conversation with Fides, the Archbishop announces special pastoral attention towards young people, according to the spirit of the “Christus Vivit” document and recalls that the Church in Korea “plays an important role in the Asian Church as well as the universal Church since the Korean Church has received great help from them in the past. Therefore, I believe that now is our time to return the favor”. “Asian Churches are composed of marginalized and poor communities, where violations of religious freedom are increasing and persecution still takes place, so I am more than willing to provide spiritual care as well as material support needed by the small communities of our continent, in the spirit of evangelical brotherhood and sharing of faith”.

The Holy Father on October 28, 2021, accepted the resignation from the pastoral care of the metropolitan archdiocese of Seoul, Korea, presented by His Eminence Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung, and appointed as metropolitan archbishop of Seoul Bishop Peter Chung Soon-Taick, O.C.D., titular of Tamazuca and auxiliary of the same metropolitan see. The new archbishop is a member of the Order of the Discalced Carmelites. He is widely recognized for his work with youth.