Youth for peace in defense of the earth and against war

Sant’Egidio: 17 September, at 6 pm, students’ demonstration

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Tomorrow, 17 September, at 6 pm, a demonstration by high school students in Rome in Piazza Vittorio against the lack of attention paid to environmental issues and the war

More than 200 days have passed since the beginning of the war in Ukraine and the young people of Sant’Egidio are once again taking to the streets for peace. Appointment tomorrow, 17 September, at 6 pm in Piazza Vittorio, for a flash-mob, in which the names of the countries at war will be recalled and denounce the lack of interest in the environment, a war of mankind against the Earth, the true common home.

“We want to create a peaceful corner where everyone can leave a thought of peace and remember the world’s conflicts with plants and flowers because planting seeds of peace is possible and necessary,” the organizers announced on social media.

Ample space will be given to the environmental issue, the devastating effects of which are unfortunately also visible in our country, as happened yesterday in the Marche region, and which produce dramatic upheavals all over the world. “What is happening in Pakistan is an environmental disaster, linked to global warming, but no one pays attention to it,” write the Youth for Peace.

Journalists, photographers, and TV operators interested in covering the event are invited to accredit themselves by writing to [email protected]

Rome, 16 September 2022