Holy Rosary for the National Unity of Spain

Tens of thousands of Spaniards will gather tomorrow with their Patron Saint, the Immaculate Conception, to pray the Holy Rosary for the National Unity of Spain. More than sixty cities have joined the call.

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The Rosary for the National Unity of Spain, born in the heart of the protests in Madrid’s Ferraz Street against Pedro Sánchez’s coup, will be celebrated in more than 60 cities at 7.30 pm, in communion with the Rosary that has been taking place daily at the doors of the Shrine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary since 3 November.

“Catholics must play a leading role in public life. This is not the time to grieve. On the contrary, we must show the whole of society that we Catholics are not resigned to die. God is with us”, explained José Andrés Calderón, alma mater of the Rosario de Ferraz.

Given the political situation that Spain is going through, the young man from Madrid commented, “It is essential that all Spanish Catholics go out to worship God and venerate his Blessed Mother. Prayer is our best weapon. Defending what is ours is the only thing we have left”.

Likewise, the spokesman for “Rosary for the Salvation of Spain”, Jorge Juan Rosado, indicated: “We join our brothers of the Holy Public Rosary of Ferraz for the Unity of Spain, in continuation of our mission requested by Our Mother Mary, to organise groups to pray the Holy Rosary publicly for the Salvation of Spain, convinced that in Mary, God will place our Salvation and Liberation”.

For his part, José Castro Velarde, president of Enraizados, affirmed that one of the aims of the association is to promote public prayer. “Any society must be open to its spiritual roots, to respect for the person, and to work for the common good. There must be public manifestations of faith that remind us of the humanity that flows from it”.

Referring to the current political context, the president of the civic organisation affirmed that “there is an attempt to put an end to the current political system, which, although it can be improved, should be reformed through established procedures, not through a coup d’état perpetrated from within power”.

This Rosary for National Unity in Spain has also been joined by cities such as Miami in the United States and Cartagena in Colombia. Also, more than thirty Women’s Rosaries in different states of Mexico. Click here to see the complete list with all the times and locations.

A complete world map has also been created with all the information, so that you can see at a glance all the cities where the Rosary will be prayed this 8th December, the day of the Immaculate Conception, patron saint of Spain.

The Rosary for the National Unity of Spain has been promoted by numerous entities and anonymous people, true protagonists of this Chain of Rosaries, among them the entities Rosario en Ferraz, Rosario de hombres, Rosario por la Salvación de España, Tekton Centro Televisivo and the Asociación Enraizados.

Here you can access the manifesto

Here you can access the posters of all locations