“Synod on Synodality: a meeting of 464 participants”

List of participants by title, First Session – Calendar of proceedings

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In the Vatican Press Office, Paolo Ruffini, prefect of the Dicastery for Communication and president of the Commission for Information, flanked by Father Giacomo Costa, special secretary of the Assembly, and Monsignor Luis Marin de San Martin, undersecretary of the General Secretariat of the Synod, announced the calendar and the definitive list of those who will take part in the work of the Assembly from 4 to 29 October: 365 members, 54 of whom are women. Among the members, there are also two Chinese bishops proposed by the local Church “in agreement with the authorities” and appointed by the Pope.

The Spanish bishop himself confirmed the presence of the two bishops from the People’s Republic of China: Bishop Antonio Yao Shun, Bishop of Jining-Wumeng in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and Bishop Joseph Yang Yongqiang, Bishop of Zhoucun in Shandong Province.

The importance of the Chinese Church’s presence at the Synod is obvious, it is important for the Church and also for the Chinese people, Ruffini stressed. As members by pontifical appointment, the two bishops will take part in all the work: smaller circles, assemblies, community and prayer moments.

Four weeks, punctuated by various appointments, which will see cardinals, bishops, religious and lay people from all over the world gathered in the Paul VI Hall
work in five modules: the first four on the various parts of the Instrumentum laboris and the “concluding session to discuss and perfect the report and synthesis”.

Turning to the calendar, more in detail, as Fr Costa explained, all the participants on the evening of 30 September, after the ecumenical vigil Together in St Peter’s Square, will move to Sacrofano for a spiritual retreat until 3 October.

Other “pillars” will then be the solemn inauguration with Mass celebrated by the Pope on Wednesday 4 October; the daily Masses at the Altar of the Cathedra with all the participants; a pilgrimage to be defined on 12 October; on 19 October the “Together” prayer for migrants and refugees, “in which the Pope would very much like to participate”; and on 25 October the Rosary prayer in the Vatican Gardens.


Source: Vatican News


  • List of participants by title


  • First Session – Calendar of work