“The Mater Ecclesiae Monastery will resume its original purpose”

Bulletin of the Holy See Press Office

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The reopening of the Mater Ecclesiae monastery in the Vatican is a significant event for several reasons. Firstly, it is a sign of Pope Francis’ commitment to contemplative life. The Pope has repeatedly expressed his admiration for the prayer and worship of nuns and monks and has stated that the contemplative life is essential for the health of the Church.

Secondly, the reopening of the monastery is an expression of the unity of the Church. The Mater Ecclesiae monastery is located in the Vatican, which makes it a symbolic place of the presence of the Universal Church. The fact that the Pope invited Argentinean nuns to live in the monastery is a sign of the diversity and richness of the Catholic Church.

Thirdly, the reopening of the monastery is an invitation to all Catholics to unite in prayer for the Church. Pope Francis has asked the nuns to support his prayer for the whole Church, and his request is an invitation to all Catholics to join them in prayer.

The reopening of the Mater Ecclesiae monastery is a positive development for the Catholic Church. It is a sign of hope, unity, and prayer.

Communication concerning the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery

Saint John Paul II, with his Brief “The contemplative life” of 25 March 1994, canonically instituted in Vatican City a monastery for nuns of the contemplative life, entitled “Mater Ecclesiae”.

After the death of Benedict XVI, who wished to reside there in order to spend the last years of his life accompanying the Church with prayer, the Holy Father Francis, by the handwritten letter of 1 October this year, disposed that the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery resume its original purpose: that the contemplative orders support the Holy Father in his daily care for the entire Church, through the ministry of prayer, adoration, praise and reparation, as a prayerful presence in silence and solitude.

To this end, Pope Francis convoked the Nuns of the Benedictine Order of the Abbey of Saint Scholastica of Victoria, province of Buenos Aires (diocese of San Isidro) in Argentina, who generously accepted the Holy Father’s invitation.

The six nuns who, according to the Statutes, will form the monastic community, will commence their life in the Monastery in early January.

Pope Francis has also decided that the Governorate of Vatican City State shall be responsible for all matters regarding the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery.

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