The most important day of the year is approaching

Merry Christmas!

In a few days, Advent begins, that time of preparation for the coming of Jesus into the world that will give way to Christmas. And you, how are you going to celebrate it?

From Enraizados we want to encourage you, one more year, to do it… publicly.

Celebrating is just that, publicly extolling what we consider sacred and showing or feeling joy for something.

A good way to do this at this time of year is to be a Catholic voice in public life. Given the situation and what we are going through, today more than ever we intend to take Christmas as far and wide as possible.

And so, we have designed a beautiful sticker of the portal of Bethlehem so that you can put it anywhere: in your car, on your computer, on the window of your house or wherever you can think of.

A simple gesture that has a lot of meaning.

Image of the sticker. The elements are
die-cut so that you can make the
composition you want

Image of the sticker. The elements are die-cut so that you can make the composition you want.
During Advent and Christmas, by placing this sticker in any visible place, we can take Christmas everywhere and give public testimony of what we really celebrate during these days.

It is a fact. Christmas is becoming less and less Christmas in many places. In many public places where Nativity Scenes used to be set up, there are now no Nativity Scenes, or what there is, is anything but a Nativity Scene. Christmas lights, in more and more cities, have no Christian meaning whatsoever… Consumerism assaults us at every corner, inviting us to spend and to fill these days with many things, forgetting what is important.

Our society is becoming more and more secularised, and in this cultural battle, where everything is relative, and where it seems that anything goes, there is also a desire to “de-Christianise” Christmas. That is why every gesture counts. Every detail, no matter how small, adds up.

These days of Advent and Christmas we go to a lot of places: shopping, dinners with colleagues and family, Christmas shows… with the Bethlehem-sticker, put, for example, in the car, you will take the Bethlehem everywhere and give public testimony of your faith, something that, as committed Catholics, we should do whenever we have the opportunity.

Do this by placing your Bethlehem-sticker in a visible place, which you can order for FREE here on our website.

It is also a nice gift to give to your family and friends.

Let’s live Advent and celebrate Christmas with the Christian meaning it has: God comes to us to save us. Let’s make it public!